Building and repairing houses

We have funded ten families to rebuild houses in Unawatuna. Ten other families have carried out major repairs to their homes with our support.

Initially it cost £2,300 to build a two-bedroom house but building costs have risen and now it costs nearer £3750. Each family was responsible for their building work but were assisted by a qualified engineer who monitored progress at each stage. They will be able to extend their properties as they get back on their feet again.

Tsunami housing

All twenty families have completed their rebuild and repair work and have settled into their new homes. They all look impressive and the families are very happy to have their homes back. Two of the families decided that they did not want to live near the sea anymore and their children suffered from nightmares. They were lucky enough to have some family land away from the sea that they could build on. The other families have built on the original site of their homes.

The Tittagalla Project

We have also built another 5 new houses in Tittagalla East. The new houses have been “life changing” events for these families. They lived in decaying housing which was often temporary. It was hard to keep them clean and dry. As a result, the children were suffering from illnesses.

Tittagalla East is a poor area with many wattle and daub and wooden plank houses which deteriorate every time it rains. It is tragic to see families living in them. Senahasa is trying to raise funds to build new houses for all the families here who need them. We started with five houses which were completted in June 2009. We plan to start rebuilding another three houses in January 2010. In return for the new house, families agree to cultivate the land around their houses to provide food for themselves and also for resale. The land is generally fertile.

Proposed new builds – Stage 2 Tittagalla Housing

Three more houses have been identified which need to be rebuilt. The three families are close neighbours and live in desperately poor conditions. A new house will change the lives and future of these families for the better.

Each house will cost £3750 to rebuild. We hope to rebuild many houses in Tittagalla East and thereby transform this poverty-stricken village.